Frequently asked questions


What does commercial use mean?

- Vectorportal grants you non-exclusive, non-transferable right to use and modify its images which carry "for commercial use" license in website templates, print media, product media, digital packaging, advertising collateral, books, CD, DVD labels and covers, letterhead, business cards and labels, newspaper and magazine articles, mobile applications, email marketing and other design projects in unlimited quantity. You cannot sell our images as they are or their derivative works on stock image sites, stock image marketplaces or similar. If you want to use our images for something not mentioned here, just contact us and let us know. We answer quickly.

I intend to use your designs on T-shirts for sale. Do I have to give credit on every T-shirt?

- No, you do not have to give attribution on T-shirts, but we would appreciate attribution on your website. We do require mandatory attribution on sites like Cafe Press or Zazzle or similar marketplaces for any designs used for sale.

I am using your business card templates to print business cards for my customers. How do I give credit to your site?

- Again, put a link on your site or bookmark us in your account on Digg, Stumble Upon, whatever you have. We would appreciate it.

I used some design elements from Vectorportal to design a book cover. I gave attribution to your site in Credits section of the book.

- Thank you very much. We appreciate it. General rule is if you give credit to others, please give it to us as well. If you are not giving credit to others, you don't have to give credit to us either.

The short answer to all these questions should be "Give attribution where applicable". If you are creating T-shirts or business cards or tattoo on your brother's chest :), you don't have to give credit to Vectorportal. But if you are creating something where you credit others, like presentation or book cover or magazine article, we kindly ask you to put a link to Vectorportal. We don't ask much really and if you really, really liked our image and it helped you a lot, a link somewhere on your site, below the image, Facebook, or Twitter page should not be a big deal for you.

Due to theft and misuse of our content by reckless scrapers we do not allow redistribution of our content on other websites. We have zero tolerance policy with scrapers, sites that steal our content and publish it on their websites without our consent. Honest webmasters are welcome to contact us and ask for permission.

We have invested thousands of hours into these designs to make work easier for graphic designers. If you can't give attribution on your final product, create link to Vectorportal on your site, spread the word over Internet or put a link in your Facebook or Google plus or Twitter post. That's all we ask.


I cannot open Illustrator file that I downloaded from your site?

- You probably have an older version of Illustrator. Most of our files have been saved down to Illustrator eps and ai CS2 formats, some even older. If you can't open the file send it to us and we will save it down to the version of software that you have. Free of charge and as soon as possible.

After I open file in Illustrator, I cannot move objects in your design.

- Probably, some layers have been, mistakenly, left locked. In Illustrator go to Object > Unlock all and you have solved the problem.

Can you help me modify your design?

- We help as much as we can and as often as we can. Contact us by email and if we have time we will help you modify the design so it fits your needs. If it's something very complex, it will depend a lot on how much free time we have. If it's something rather simple, we will do it right away.

I downloaded Illustrator brushes from your site, but all I see is an empty page?

- We have placed Illustrator brushes in brushes palette. Go to Window > Brushes and you will see our brushes in that palette.