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You are allowed to:
- remove watermark before using the images
- use it for various personal and commercial projects
- modify images for your projects

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You are not allowed to:
- sell or distribute our images as digital download in vector or any other graphic format
- use our images to create logotypes for brands or trademarks

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Flags, Coat Of Arms and Maps

Artwork in Flags, Coat Of Arms and Maps sections may or may be not copyrighted. Many countries do not copyright their flags and coats of arms (most are in public domain) but it is up to user to find out copyright information about specific files.

Brand guidelines and trademarks

Brand guidelines and trademarks (like sports logos) are offered as a convenience for their lawful use only. They cannot be used for commercial use. Before you use, reproduce or distribute in any manner any logo found on this site, you must first receive the express permission of the holder of the copyright or trademark of that logo. Failure to obtain such permission is a violation under international law.

Terms of Service

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Copyright infringement

Trademark owners: If you think any of the files on Vectorportal is infringing your copyright please write a note to this email address: [email protected] and the file in question will be removed.