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Adobe Illustrator CC Fundamentals

Adobe Illustrator is the industry standard vector drawing tool. It's used by print professionals as well as illustrators and web designers. Illustrator CC Fundamentals explains the key concepts and techniques for producing vector-based artwork. We review the elements that make up vector graphics such as paths, strokes, and fills. Additionally, we show you how to use the key drawing tools, including the Pen Tool.

Illustrator for Web and Mobile Designers

Illustrator CS5 for Web and Mobile designers will show you how to create initial concepts and export projects for production. The goal of this course is to help you achieve pixel-perfect artwork for any project, whether it be for the web, video, or mobile apps. We cover a wide range of tools and techniques for using Adobe Illustrator for producing graphics that will presented onscreen.

Adobe Illustrator CC - The Complete Course

The BEST complete video guide for beginners. Covers everything you need to start & succeed with Adobe Illustrator. In this Adobe Illustrator CC training course, expert Vlad from Motion Sea Designs walks you through all of the tools and techniques in this amazing program. Adobe Illustrator is the perfect solution for artists, graphic designers, web designers, business owners, advertisers, marketers, promoters ...

Create a sunburst in Illustrator

Learn to make a sunburst or sunray vector shape in Illustrator using a circle with a dashed line. The process is quick and easy (it is much simpler than creating a triangle shape and rotating it). You control the number of rays as you create the shape so you can make as many or few as desired. I also show you how to crop the finished circular sunburst to a rectangle shape.

How to Make Water Drops in Photoshop

Photoshop CC tutorial showing how to make realistic-looking water drops. This is an updated version of a tutorial I did in 2011. Areas covered are the Transform tool, the Liquify filter, blend modes, gradients and creating folders.

3D Using Photoshop CS6

Get yourself up to speed on Photoshop's easy to use 3D interface. This course firstly covers the need-to-know basics of working in the 3D environment and then digs deeper with some cool projects and great ideas for creating fantastic looking designs! Many of the lessons also apply to Photoshop CS5.

Photoshop - Speed Up Your Photoshop Workflow

In this lesson, I will show you a simple but awesome technique to speedup your photoshop workflow. Small tip we will be adding colored menus to our photoshop drop-down menu!

Photoshop Training & Tutorials

This Training Course consists of more then 90 free Video lessons, showing you tips, tricks and techniques in Photoshop, Lightroom, Bridge and Camera Raw! We are covering loads of advanced tutorials but also beginner tutorials. If you are still new to Photoshop, view these chapters - Photoshop Introduction & Photoshop Tools in 10 Easy Steps.