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Blue eye


Added: 6/19/2017

Downloads: 22

Description: Vector image of a human eye. Silhouette of an eyeball.

Summer T-shirt


Added: 6/18/2017

Downloads: 18

Description: Grey T-shirt with image of the Sun on the front side. Vector image of a shirt.

Dress code


Added: 6/18/2017

Downloads: 20

Description: Vector image of a white shirt with red tie and a coat. Dress code symbol and icon for graphic designers.

Personal finance icon

Personal finance

Added: 6/18/2017

Downloads: 19

Description: Vector illustration of a pink piggy bank, a coin and a calculator. Financial management symbol for graphic designers.

Stashes of dollar bills

Stashes of dollar

Added: 6/18/2017

Downloads: 15

Description: Black and white illustration of dollar bills and coins. Stashes of cash on white background.

Magic hat


Added: 6/16/2017

Downloads: 13

Description: Vector image of a rabbit in a magic hat.

Eiffel tower


Added: 6/16/2017

Downloads: 20

Description: Vector illustration of the Eiffle tower, a famous landmark in Paris, France.

Household cleaning


Added: 6/15/2017

Downloads: 14

Description: Vector image of a floor mop and big blue bucket for household cleaning.

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